Sort of Problem In Life

Well, hidup kan memang bermasalah. Bukan hidup namanya kalau nggak ada masalah. Tapi kan banyak orang ingin hidup tanpa masalah, which is impossibly happen in the real life. Big or tiny problem always appear in front of us every second we breath.

So, why would someone think that their life is rushed with just one two problem that actually not big enough to end their life. It’s a bit ridiculous since i know some guys who think that.

Eh, jadi English gini. Hehehe. Gw cuma pengen cerita aja pengalaman gw dicurhatin, sama ngedenger gosip about anyone that seems so naive in my ears.

First, lemme tell you about the person i told you all in previous notes. He now seems dissapearing with all ol’ pals of him. And someone heard the reason why he did that, he wanted to focus to all of his study on his best university in Indonesia.

It’s ridiculous to rush your old good life with the new life which is the goal of the new life is achieving the best of the best at all. It’s pretty naive and pretty stupid. He thought that if he still remember and missing about his old life, it would distract his path to his goal etcetera.

It’s his choice, i know. But the choice he choose just make another problem rather than solving his new problem. I don’t know why remembering ol’ life would be a problem to achieve our goal. Especially if our old life is so good and so nice, in my eyes though. Well maybe he has his own reason that we would never know.

Second, i heard about a girl thinks that her life is just over because her loved one doesn’t give anymore hope to her. And her life is crushed just because she thought that her love-life is so rumbled and so on. And she cried, she cried, she cried, and she cried. Pity.

Come on! Kalo cowo/cewe lo ilang, cari lagi dong! Life WON’T and WOULD NEVER BE over with that just ridiculous thing. Ya gw pernah kehilangan harapan dari seorang cewe dan perasaan itu nggak sampe berentetan sampe ngehancurin hidup gw seluruhnya gitu.

If you’re human, never ever RUN from your problem. FACE it and NEVER HIDE from it. Use your brain, and use your feeling.

Don’t be a coward!

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