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Well, maybe it’s an old thingy where i need to join the successor of SMAN 9 Surabaya but…

Gw jadi guru privat!!!!! Well, it’s damn a good and bad idea, but now seems i’m running my life with mathematic sticking on me. Seems that everybody see that i’m kind of mathematician or what. But maybe it’s a bit silly because i couldn’t teach someone well, i mean i have no teaching ability, actually..

Everybody seems count on me. I’m their savior, their successor, their wizard and their good teacher. Like what was happened this day when Mr. Mardi held an examination for Carbon Chemist. They always said “Gilang, please help me on this exam”, and “Gilang, what’s the answer for number 1 to 5” where there were only 5 questions.

Yes. It’s my new activity, to share my knowledge, and even my answer sheets to my friends. Now everybody seems to be nice in front of me. But maybe later or someday, when they have got what they want, it’s a very common things that they wouldn’t say hi with me again.

I fell it every time. Only some guys. Some guys within much much of guys who i’ve helped that they never really thanked to me. Well, that’s an old story though. And i really don’t care with it, even though it hurts my heart deep; just see that i will never help them again then.

Anyway, I said on my second sentence, that I’ve become a “Private Teacher”, it’s really really private teacher. It’s Nadia’s idea to take me to be his teacher on math. Hehehehehehe. And maybe some of my friends will come to join too, and of course, they will PAY me, they said.

Huahuahuahua. If they really-really pay me, then I’ll be very happy. I want to spend some of my savings for a scanner. So i don’t need to go to the public-type’o-center to have my things scanned, hehehehe. Instead of spending in on Starbucks, I think it’s wasting my money, for now.

But still, more i can do the example of SPMB examination, more I’m afraid “Will they can do this too like what i can do now?” And I’m raising my speed to learn more..

Tomorrow is an Exam Trial Days!!! Wish Me Luck!!

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