1 Week Left

Well, it’s only 1 week left. But till today, i have no big preparation for it..And even, i’m tired of studying. It’s pretty boring these days. Maybe i’ll take a little rest for some days. I just bought some new commic and game. Heheheh. Of course, The Sims and Piano No Mori.. At least what i’ve been waiting for has came out and i can taste it. Still, i love Piano No Mori commics. It’s very real and just-like-me!! Hehehehehe.. I wish i could play piano.. I’ll learn it someday.. It’s pretty cool!!

Well, i’m still having myself prepared for SPMB. On extra courses and on school. I’m very affraid and nervous with my SPMB. I have to get my seat on Fasilkom UI. So i must study hard for this. And I pray for my self, my friends, my families, and many peoples…

Ow.. Btw, i’m going to get 1st rank on my school too. Hohohohohohoh.. At least, i wanna do something best in the last of my school-life. I’m gonna be a university student! Hehehehe.. I’ve gotten something best on
my 5th semester. So, i’m going to get the best of the best on my 6th semester. Hope so then!!

Hmm.. AFS gonna hold a new selection for newbie so they can be like us. Umm.. like them.. i mean.. hehehehehehe.. But i hope they don’t be like them too far.. Like some guys who’d just hideaway from this earth. I don’t give a damn care for it though… It’s just a pity of me that i don’t get any respection again from the people whom i helped.. At least some still put their attention on me…

And of course, i don’t wanna get involved too much on selection thingy. It’s tiring. And i don’t wanna be a tire again this time..

Ow, lat saturday, i skipped my school again. It was a “HarPitNas”.. huahuahuahua. But my friends… well how will i call her.. Sweetie?? Huahuahuahua.. Well, she invited me to his fest. And istighosah.. and birthday… All combined and blended like an Orange Juice.. hehehehehe….

At least my stomach full of food after that.. hehehehe

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